On Thursday, November 11th, we had a special edition of Equal Table dedicated to the trending Squid Game show. We tried different dynamics to make it more entertaining and interactive and it was a unanimous success. 6 games translated into questions, 22 participants who were simultaneously audience and part of the discussion and 3 moderators who took turns guiding each group. We had a lot of fun preparing the topic and getting into the characters of the show, inspired by the official start of carnaval in the Netherlands, and the results were worth all the effort we put into it. But it wasn’t all about the costumes and the games, we were happy to see how everyone was interested in discussing the life questions the show raises and very interesting to hear, as usual, personal and different perspectives when considering how truthful are the squid games to the ones we play in our real lives. How somehow in the show some of the rules are more fair than in real life, how so many people also sacrifice some of their values to survive, and how we are all a little bit like the guards in red jumpsuits wearing masks and doing nothing about people losing ever.

-Joana Teixeira

 Photography by James Muganda.

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