On February 22nd, we celebrated the beginning of 2022 for Equal Table, apparently about endings: Is Death a Taboo?
We learned that contrary to what we expected, it’s not that difficult to talk about death for all our participants. Still, it’s hard to anticipate if other people are open to doing it, especially in particular phases of their grieving process. Sometimes it might be more uncomfortable not to discuss it than to talk about it, and not everyone can handle the silence. So we agreed that it’s all about empathy and knowing the right timing to ask the right questions.

We were able to share different beliefs about what we think happens after we died and gained from hearing different perspectives on this matter, accepting that it’s always positive to question our own. We discussed how much we think about our death and the practical and emotional arrangements some participants already planned.

Finally, we talked about the possibility of living forever and how not dying would impact the way we live, agreeing that it would change our priorities, basing them on the importance of our goals rather than their urgency. So we might have started the discussion talking about death, but we finished it talking about life.

We want to thank all our participants and engaging audience in YouTube for challenging themselves to discuss something that we don’t talk about often openly and sharing such exciting and personal perspectives.

If you’re curious to hear more about it, you can watch it here and follow the live chat with comments from our audience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjv1agH_x44
See you soon!