On Thursday, October 21st, we celebrated the Dutch Design Week with a special edition of Equal Table over the topic “Are Engineers the Designers of the Future?” at the Klokgebouw in @strijps 

We had two enthusiastic groups of #engineers and #designers discussing not only where they disagree on what and how should be the future of their roles, but most importantly how relevant it will become that they can complement each other and create a better #future for all, by merging different perspectives into the common goal of promoting positive changes. Also relevant was the participation of the audience in a new format, whose comments and questions unanimously made the conversation more #interesting and #diverse.

We would like to thank everyone that joined us and helped organizing the event, @acrivitree for promoting it, @IBISPower for welcoming us in their offices @tobiasmgreve for taking photos and @alexanderbsu Alexander Suma for the moderation and sharing his thoughts and experience over this very interesting and relevant topic to him personally and professionally.


Photography by Tobias Greve

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