Equal Table is an interactive discussion between a group of people where a moderator guides a free and equal conversation, leading to new and meaningful insights.


Organize Equal Table in different cities in the world so it can spread organically.


Everybody in the world can feel valuable.

We live in a world currently obsessed with time, looking for a valid point for everything we do, so that we don’t feel we are wasting it. But when did we stop going for a walk without a destiny in mind? In Equal Table it’s all about the walk, the process of exchanging ideas. The destiny is wherever it takes you, whatever you gain from that discussion.

Moderators that want to explore a topic or just pass on a relevant message about something they feel strongly about.

Participants that are looking to make a point in a meaningful discussion or that just want to have a good time and meet new people with similar interests. Our role is to provide that space, to allow for different perspectives to be heard in an equal way and without judgement.


our time to share Equal Table with everyone interested in exploring other perspectives on topics they feel strongly about and test it in different environments and different groups of people as much as possible; we are very open to trying out new ideas, new groups of people, new angles to what we are aiming; we would also like to use Equal Table as a connector within the diversity of the international community.




We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who believe in the concept and feel
passionate about it. We dedicate our time and effort to organize Equal Table discussions every month, online & offline.


Elena Kazakova

Elena Kazakova

Founder, organizer, moderator of Equal table

Joana Teixeira

Joana Teixeira

Concept developer, organizer, moderator of Equal table

Lore Stroe

Lore Stroe

Logo creator, moderator of Equal table

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