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Equal Table is a platform of international community designed to promote inclusive and respectful discussions among individuals from diverse backgrounds. It provides a space where people can come together to share their opinions, ideas, and perspectives on various topics. The goal of Equal Table is to create an environment where differences are celebrated, and where meaningful conversations contribute to personal growth, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world around us.


Join us for Equal Table at HomeComputerMuseum

September 29th, 18:30

Is Death a Taboo? result of Equal Table discussion

On February 22nd, we celebrated the beginning of 2022 for Equal Table, apparently about endings: Is Death a Taboo? We learned that contrary to what we expected, it’s not that difficult to talk about death for all our participants. Still, it’s hard to anticipate if...

Equal Table 2 years anniversary

Last month in December 2021,  we celebrated 2 years anniversary of Equal Table. It was an exciting and challenging journey with ups and downs. In 2021 we made big steps to build our community and create visibility. We are thankful to all our members, moderators, and...

Squid game: How far would you go?

On Thursday, November 11th, we had a special edition of Equal Table dedicated to the trending Squid Game show. We tried different dynamics to make it more entertaining and interactive and it was a unanimous success. 6 games translated into questions, 22 participants...

Are Engineers the Designers of the Future?

On Thursday, October 21st, we celebrated the Dutch Design Week with a special edition of Equal Table over the topic "Are Engineers the Designers of the Future?" at the Klokgebouw in @strijps  We had two enthusiastic groups of #engineers and #designers discussing not...

OURstory about HERstories

This last month we had the opportunity to explore for the first time the same topic twice on the Equal Table platform -Herstories, different cultures shape different women. Two different groups of women from all around the world were generous enough to share with us...


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It was very nice session. The atmosphere was perfect to share and learn from new insights and different views. Thanks a lot1

 Many times during Equal Table sessions, I have encountered people with completely different point of view and ideas from mine. I think that this is great. Because I get to learn something new and that way I have the opportunity to improve my way of thinking

Good afternoon, it was
a great thinking table, gave some good pointers for me again to go home with:)See you next time!