In this discussion, we will explore what is your perception of social media, how it influences you and your life. The conversation will lead by moderator Maria Simon. 

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Be aware, we will broadcast the session on YouTube LIVE, which we very excited to launch.

Equal Table provides a space to explore different ideas and viewpoints

We live in a world currently obsessed with valid points for everything we do so that we don’t feel we are wasting it. In Equal Table, it’s all about the walk, the process of
exchanging ideas.


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We have already discussed many different and interesting topics. Feel free
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It was very nice session. The atmosphere was perfect to share and learn from new insights and different views. Thanks a lot1

 Many times during Equal Table sessions, I have encountered people with completely different point of view and ideas from mine. I think that this is great. Because I get to learn something new and that way I have the opportunity to improve my way of thinking

Good afternoon, it was
a great thinking table, gave some good pointers for me again to go home with:)See you next time!